How many bales of wood shavings are required to make an initial bed?

Our customer’s feedback tells us that 6 bales make a very comfortable bed in a stable sized approx. 12ft x 12ft. The general rule of thumb is to top up once a week with a fresh bale.

What is the difference between Phillips Premium SoftShavings Bales and the Phillips Standard Shavings Bales?

Our Premium SoftShavings bale is consistently dust free, produced from white first-grade wood shavings. Our Standard Shavings bale is a 50/50 mix of first and second-grade wood shavings. This tends to mean that there is some dust content which means, therefore, the bales can vary from one delivery to another. The reason for this is we source supply from three large first grade sawmills and 34-second grade sawmills hence the variance. However, our Standard Shavings Bales are an excellent economical alternative.

What is the lead time for delivery?

This can vary depending upon the time of the year. The demand from our customers is always greater between September and April where we suggest planning a month in advance to avoid disappointment.

How much is delivery?

Delivery from Phillips Brothers is free of charge as long as you meet the required minimum delivery amounts for your area. Please contact the team at Phillips Brothers for more information.

What areas do Phillips Brothers deliver to?

We deliver Poultry Bedding in bulk to 23 counties across the UK. Our van delivery service for Horse Bedding runs throughout most of East Anglia.