Willems Baler

Phillips Brothers are delighted to announce the installation of a new automated baling plant system to our Suffolk home

Our new Willems Baler has increased output by 50% immediately, enabling us to keep our customers supplied all year round with all their animal bedding requirements.

Consistanly producing bales of premium quality woodshavingsSoftMix and SoftShred

We can now produce 20kg bales of sawdust, suitable for cattle and pig farming – giving us a new addition to our product range.

This assures our customers of our reliability and efficiency.

We have also improved packaging with strong seals and pallets are wrapped securely with enhanced stability.

The pallets we now offer are weatherproof, allowing our clients to store the bedding products outside.

We are excited about the growth that this new equipment will bring us, improving our working environment and products, meeting with our ethos for continous improvement and exceeding customer expectations.

Baling Plant Produce

For more information about the products available from our new automated baling plant system, contact the team at Phillips Brothers today.